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Low-profile “UFO-head" screws

According to experience more and more customers have reverted to using our UFO-heads in combination with bonded washers.

  • Therefore we have eliminated the under-head cavity below the UFO-head as superfluous when used with a bonded washer.

  • At the same time this represents a strengthening of the fastener in the area between shank and head.

  • Another plus from a flat UFO-head is that it can be easily produced in our factory in Switzerland thus shortening delivery times.

  • Also it is available as a “make-to-order” special-item in A4-stainless, whereas the previous head could only be made in A2-stainless.

In case you specifically require the previous UFO-head with under-head cavity for use with combination cut-rubber sealing-ring, this is available as a “make-to-order” special-item albeit only produceable in Japan with corresponding lead-time.

Simplification of our range of fasteners for sandwich-panels

In combination with our ETA-certification, we have decided to simplify our range to focus on our 7571 / No. 2 drill-point fasteners, and eliminate 7570 / No. 3 drill-point fasteners from our standard catalogue product-range.

  • ETA certified pull-out performance 7571 has superior pull-out than 7570 from 1,50 - 4,00 mm steel-purlins.

  • For 4,00 mm and 5,00 mm steel-purlins our ETA certified pull-out performance for 7575 / No. 5 drill-point fasteners is the same as for 7570 / No. 3 drill-point, but the application-range of 7575 is is much wider reaching up to 12,00 mm.

  • This will enable us to focus our stocks and speeds up production time.

Expanded range of piasta-bimetal fasteners available ex-stock in A4 stainless-steel

Due to popular demand for A4 stainless-steel, supported by insurance-backed extended warranties for ultimate peace-of-mind, we have expanded our stock-range.

  • A4 7550 / No. 1 stitchers.

  • A4 7510 / No. 2 drill-point for steel-purlins from 1,50 - 4,00 mm.

  • A4 7571 / No. 2 drill-point sandwich-panel fasteners.

  • A4 7530 / No. 5 drill-point for steel-purlins from 4,00 - 12,00 mm.

New A5 stainless-steel self-tapping screws

For specially aggressive environments we now offer self-tapping screws in A5 stainless-steel.

  • A5 7653 / Type-A is available ex-stock for steel-purlins from 1,50 - 3,00 and timber-purlins.

  • A5 7673 / Type-B for thick steel-purlins is under development and will be available soon.

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